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Design Stories

Ever wonder how a design arrives at the end product? What were the client's choices for a logo or a name of a publication? What's the story behind a slogan or a logo? Well, the links below go behind the scenes of the design process. Of course what you see isn't all inclusive, but it gives you a good idea from whence it came. Some of the links below require a little bit of reading (sorry), but you might actually enjoy the story.

Sometimes it's a cool read and then sometimes ... sometimes "it is what it is" ... plain and simple.

Golden Real Estate

This Golden Real Estate logo came to sixty-eight in an unconventional way. While sitting at a closing table signing endless amounts of closing documents, the seller’s agent, Golden Real Estate, was making small talk and inquired what sixty-eight was all about. Not only did this conversation lessen the stress that ultimately comes with the reality…

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Challenger Learning Center

Okay, a little history first. The Challenger Learning Center of Northwest Indiana was established as result of the NASA Challenger disaster in 1986. The Center came to life to honor the flight crew, which included a grade school teacher. Through flight simulation, ground control and space station scenarios, participants learn about engineering, science and math…

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Carrie Cate-Clements

Carrie Cate-Clements provides a resume writing and design service. Her entire service is online so there is no overhead in terms of business cards, letterhead or any other printed materials. She provides a brainstorm worksheet to all her clients that yields necessary information in order to develop a resume and a cover letter. When initially…

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Be Well Therapeutic Massage & Acupressure

Be Well therapeutic massage & acupressure was a start up small business with humble beginnings. The client built up a client base and then decided to finally take the leap and open up shop. The client had a simple website displaying earthy colors and images that gave a sense of calm and serenity. These three…

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Calumet Conference Center

The Calumet Conference Center is a facility hosting seminars, corporate functions, weddings and many other professional development events. It is on the land owned by Purdue University, but operates as a community outreach venture to bring in additional revenue and build community relations. Even though it is on Purdue land, it is not academic based,…

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Creative Services

Purdue University Calumet’s in-house design team needed to reinvent itself and start acting like a real design studio. The former name of the office was Electronic Communication & Publishing. No one knew what the heck the office did with a name like that. An all-out campaign began with a more aptly named office and a…

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