kaylie hall

Kaylie Hall is the zealous creative behind 68 designs. She has been entrenched in the art world practically her entire life and is approaching 30 years of professional design experience. It seems fair to say that creating artsy graphics and sharing her marketing prowess is officially part of her DNA.

Kaylie was born and raised in the Chicago area, where she received a bachelor’s degree in advertising and graphic design before earning a master’s in communication from Purdue University. Eventually, Kaylie found her new home in the foothills of the Rockies outside Denver. Thanks to the beauty of the Internet, clients have reached as far as Paris, France. But here in the states, she has clients in Florida, New York, New Mexico, Texas, Kansas, Indiana and many in Colorado of course.

This graphic design and strategic marketing world has taken Kaylie on visual adventures with nonprofits, corporations, higher education institutions, and startup businesses and made her very well rounded and experienced in several facets of the business world.

Kaylie has won various awards for her work, but one that she’s particularly proud of is having her work flown up in the Space Shuttle Endeavor. Neat!

Her love of design and helping people extends beyond 68d as she has been an adjunct professor teaching college courses in graphic design since 2003 and is passionate about helping students flourish find their own artistic voice.

All in all, Kaylie’s true calling is helping people and their organizations look and communicate to their audience strategically.

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